Who will be treating the residents?

Patients will be treated by Dr. Trejo, whom is state licensed podiatrists.

How are patients billed for the podiatry services?

We bill through Medicare Assignment, Medicaid and most other insurances. However if the patient’s insurance has a co-pay it is due at the time of service.

Do you have to have diabetes to be covered by Medicare for podiatry services?

No, Medicare covers a variety of foot related conditions, and the first visit is always covered by Medicare regardless.

Are there any extra charges or fees for on-site podiatry care?

No, there are no extra fees charged to patients or the facility for our on-site podiatry care.

How are appointments made and coordinated with the facility?

We will set our appointments for 9 weeks after our first visit at the same time to keep things consistent.

What happens if an acute medical situation arises between scheduled visits?

Please phone our clinic and Dr. Trejo will be notified and will attend to the situation as soon as possible.

Will the same doctor treat our residents on a regular basis?

Yes, each doctor will regularly visit the same facilities and patients to help provide consistency for both the residents and facility managers.

Our facility use to have a podiatrist that became unreliable, how do we know that Community Foot & Ankle Clinic will be consistently reliable?

All appointments made with our facility partners are scheduled 9 weeks apart and are tracked by our electronic scheduling system to avoid any overlooked visits to our patients in need of podiatric care.

Are the podiatrists of CFAC insured?

Yes, each podiatrist has liability insurance. (malpractice insurance)

Does our facility need to provide any assistance during scheduled visits?

For the most part our podiatrists will be accompanied by a medical assistant to help collect patient information and assist the Dr. as needed.  If we are seeing patients in a clinical room, help may be needed to escort patients to be treated.

Some of our diabetic patients need special shoes, can you help provide these?

Yes, we have a wide selection of diabetic shoes, slippers, socks and inserts provided by Dr. Comfort Footwear that are available at our clinic and can be ordered directly from one of our podiatrists.

Are we responsible if the insurance agency does not follow through with payment for services?

No, the facility will never be responsible for any unpaid claims, or bear any financial responsibility whatsoever.