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What does a Managed Foot Care Exam from our podiatrists include?

Whether you are a retired senior, athlete or are on your feet all day at work, podiatric ailments can not only cause foot pain, but can also be the root cause for pain in many other areas of your body.

Our podiatric services includes a complete analysis including but not limited to:

Comprehensive Foot Overview

An exam of your entire foot for common podiatric ailments listed above.

Arch Analysis

Arch height can often be associated with a motion of your foot.  A full analysis of your arch type along with the pronation of your foot (rotational movement of the foot at the joints) will be performed.

Shoe Sizing

Measurements of both feet will be taken (Did you know most peoples feet are not equally sized?) to determine the best shoe fit for you.  It may sound simple but you would be shocked to know how many people have relieved their foot and body pain by finally getting the right size shoe.  CFAC currently carries diabetic shoes from Dr. Comfort that are available upon request, and are covered under Medicare for diabetic patients.

Custom Molded Foot Orthotics

Doctor fitted custom orthotics avaliable.